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Cecilia Djk Art

Modern and committed paintings

Artist - Painter

“I work for every generations, abandoned to themselves and misunderstood most of the times, I want to open the dialogue between people.


My mission is to denounce and inform through my work by highlighting the excesses and the loss of oneself in our contemporary societies filled with paradoxes.

Bring together the generations and allow to open the debate, bring joy and emotion in the hearts of people with an explosion of colors and an approach of often taboo themes but essential to existence and inner well-being, It's my aim."

Artist - Painter

Artist - Painter


"Our contemporary societies are sick and have forgotten to be humanists. I work for the new generations abandoned to themselves and misunderstood".

Committed artist

Committed themes

Hyper-sexualization of women, addiction phenomena, paradox between social identity and personal fulfillment, the notion of freedom in the face of social networks ...


Mixed media

I work on canvas and wooden plates. Collage, fabricated stencils, acrylic, spray paint, gouache, oil and resin are some of the techniques I use.


“My work brings together individuals who feel concerned by our societal paradoxes and allows us to recreate dialogue between populations despite our differences.

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