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How are the prices of artworks defined?

All prices are defined according to a fair price policy. What does the price of the artwork include?

  • Creation time

  • Management time (Photo taking, management on the website, practical sheet, creation of the certificate of authenticity ...)

  • The cost of the material (media used) for the creation of the artwork (canvas, brushes, paints, other materials ...)

  • Legal protection of copyright

  • Certificate of authenticity on highly secure paper

  • Protection fees for risk-free delivery

How does the Artist calculate the cost of time?

The cost of creation time is applied at a different hourly rate depending on the media used as well as the number of years of experience of the Artist regarding this media. Thus a media that the Artist has been using for 8 years, for example, will not have the same cost as a media which has been used for 4 years because the experience allows moreless efficient time management.

Why can't we negotiate a price for an artwork?

The price policy applied simply allows the artist to continue producing and to offset the costs of running the business.

(fresh website, online payments, the copyright protection, certificates of authenticity, any advertising, material costs, delivery ...) and unfortunately this policy does not allow the artist to earn a real income, as you know it is a very fluctuating sector. I therefore cannot "review" the prices and I am required to do my calculation as accurately as possible. Regarding derivative products and other gifts, going through a service provider giving me only a minimum of income for copyright on each product, so I do not have any margin of possibility either. Finally, the only possibility for me to make a small gesture is during the purchasing group for the series. The series of paintings  beonging to the same topic and artprocess, when a person decides to buy several pieces of the same series, the possibility of lowering the price may be possible because the series will always be better grouped but it remains two very distinct paintings with two different certificates of authenticity and the same background work.

Thanks for all your attention, hoping to touch your hearts and appeal to your emotions with my paintings

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