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Artist - Painter

27-year-old painter

Artistic style

The paradox between the bright colors , the provocative drawing style and the very narrative drawing style is aimed at an audience whose minds must be open with a strong interest in modern and contemporary art. My multiple travels have allowed me to have this fountain of inspiration and a culturally rich progressive style.


“I work for the new generations abandoned to themselves and misunderstood. My mission is to denounce and inform through my work by highlighting the excesses and the loss of oneself in our contemporary societies. Bringing together the generations and opening the debate is the main project of my accumulation work. "



From 17 to 24 years old,

a sick artist

The beginnings

Drawing, painting and writing imposed themselves very early on as a source of escape and expression.

When I was 17, I published my first fantasy novel and I entered the Beaux-Arts at the age of 20. Following personal difficulties in continuing my studies, I decided to continue my research work by shortening my course and working on my own by always learning more on my own using internet research and frequent cultural visits.

The notion of dream, fantasy and illusion have always been part of me and my work. At the beginning of my studies, my first works were essentially black and white and took up the themes of the German expressionists of the 1930s, namely deconstruction and scenography which allowed them to influence the impressions of spaces and volumes to reach their audience despite lack of financial means.

Deconstructed perspectives and light and shadow effects were my line of work until I was 24.

These are themes that I still tackle today and which are still close to my heart, despite the plastic evolution of my work and techniques, which allow me to tackle different essential subjects in my main theme.


From 24 years to the present day,

a renaissance artist

Healing and flight


From 24 to 27 years old, I explore a new artistic path and work particularly on accumulation with very diversified and vivid colors like those present in Pop art.

“The dream and the notion of the unconscious are notions that have always been part of my work. “Through my drawings and paintings, a philosophical notion of questioning between illusion and dream allows spectators to escape for a moment and to appropriate a completely different kind of ephemeral reality, the time of an exhibition, of a privileged moment. "

These openings and lights are part of a different line of work which makes my art evolve towards other artistic questions. Multicultural, African, Asian or even Native American influences are easily found in my paintings.

Dadaism and surrealism influence me a lot and I take a strong interest in contemporary youth, its excesses and its shortcomings, expressing it through themes such as male-female inequality, loss of identity and values. within a youth who are struggling to find their place in a society where new technologies are changing human relations and societal ideals.

Like many artists, I have the feeling that there is less and less room for personal development in a society where everyone has to lock themselves in a box, a mold, or even non-existent.

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